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Global Basis is a subsidiary company of “Menorka”.

Menorka has been a family run business for over 18 years specialized the in the food service industry. It services distributors, wholesalers, supermarkets, specialty foods as well as national and international private label brands. Menorka specializes in sourcing and importing a variety of high quality food from around the world.
With a wealth of experience in importing it was time to take our vast experience within the industry to the next level, thus Global Basis was founded. Here at Global Basis we are able to offer clients a wide range of competitive export solutions.

We take great pride in our superb customer service and a belief that personal relationships are the key to success.


“At Global Basis, we bring together buyers and sellers together for their mutual
benefit through relentless effort and by leveraging industry relationships”

Why Work With Us?


We've been a part of the food industry
for over 18 years.
As importers and then long-standing
sales experts, we have the experience
and first-hand insight to navigate
our clients to success in what has
become a complex and highly
competitive environment.


In any competitive industry, relationships
are currency. Our business is founded
upon developing and nurturing mutually
beneficial supplier and buyer
The trust relationship we've built in
the industry is our greatest
strength and the most valuable thing
we offer existing and potential clients.


The grocery industry is evolving as fast as
any other. Shifting consumer
demographics, consumption trends
and new distribution technologies all
present huge opportunities for
well-informed manufacturers.
Our job is to keep our clients on
the leading edge of food sales innovation.


Both Global Basis and Menorka have been negotiating sales for buyers and suppliers of food products.  Our job is to represent purchasers and sellers to ensure that each party’s best interest is kept in mind.  Global Basis – Menorka sells to Food Service Distributors, Major Supermarket Chains and Wholesalers, in Athens city as well as the rest of Greece.

Global Basis – Menorka  have been representing many of the same suppliers since our inception, which has earned us an excellent reputation in the marketplace. We have set up a network of top brokers throughout Greece that help us manage the territory more efficiently. We feel Global Basis - Menorka is an extension of our supplier base and we are completely involved from the time the order is entered until the time the invoices are paid.
 Our suppliers are able to use us to:
  • Create new sales and find new customers
  • Receive updates on customers, as well local market conditions
  • Produce new products and packaging designs to meet customer’s needs
  • Save on the cost of paying a sales staff to promote and sell their products
Global Basis - Menorka is proud to supply many of the same customers for over 18 years. We have a reputation of holding extremely high ethical standards and pride ourselves on our superior customer service.  We ensure that every detail of a customer’s order is carefully attended to.
Our customers are able to use us to:
  • Save time, energy and money when purchasing multiple product lines
  • Receive updates on market and pricing trends
  • Discuss new ideas and new opportunities
Maintain proper inventory levels based on our knowledge of past trends and current market conditions
Export Services

Here at Global Basis – Menorka we are able to offer clients a wide range of competitive export solutions and can ship worldwide. With our experience within the logistics and exports industry we are confident in offering the highest standard of service using an extensive tried and trusted group of carriers. Freight costs can be an expensive element to an order so to ensure these costs are kept low we always consolidate our orders to maximising space available in our containers and trailers.
We also understand the complexities of export documentation and legislation and can offer all the relevant documents to ensure orders are received effectively and efficiently.
As part of our Export Services, our offering will include:
  • Fully transparent service offer
  • Retain control of your brand and business
  • Bridge the gap between you, retailers, distributors and food service companies
  • Route to market








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